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Racing Team Swaps Camshaft in Trailer Hurling Down Highway

For that outside of the racing world, they might think that many of us are crazy. In fact, sometimes, there is much more going on than a lot of the spectators at a racing event even realize. Very rarely is the fastest of the fast cars raced time after time without a little bit of adjustment here and there. Some cars might be simpler than others. However, for those “others,” things could sometimes be incredibly complicated. Let’s just say that some teams get really good at changing parts on the fly.

The perfect example of something like this was just a couple of months ago at Holley LS Fest. As it turns out, the crew over at Next Motorsports broke a bunch of stuff. Pass after past would yield some sort of new repair that they had to do. While running back and forth to their shop, the crew managed to patch together enough of a car to take on the win at the event. When replacing different components of the engine on-site, it definitely made for an interesting feature.

We just found something that makes those situations and most others look like amateur hour.

This time, we watch as a crew took it to a new level entirely. Instead of making changes on-site, they decided to make the most of their travel time. We have definitely featured a lot of content here on Speed Society. In fact, there are thousands upon thousands of stories to browse through. However, we have to say that we have absolutely never seen anything like this.

While en route to No Mercy 10, it turns out that the crew behind the Bumblebee Camaro decided that they liked a different camshaft. Now, most crews would probably get to the event and swap it out on the premises. However, with the aim of saving time and getting to SGMP for the second qualifier, these guys elected to multi-task.

The video below shows the action on the move as they pulled apart the engine in the trailer while rolling down the highway. – Freak show Photography