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Sweet 16 Finals Showcase Intense Racing For the Win!

Sweet 16 Finals Showcase Intense Racing For the Win!

As we push through 2020, let’s just say that things have been rather strange. With all sorts of accommodations that need to be made for COVID-19, the world has downright flipped upside down. However, as many folks have really given it the best effort that they possibly can, we still have some normalcy in 2020. This time, we check in with DuckX Productions as they bring us an event that we are sure glad that they managed to host in this hectic year.

Sweet 16 is a yearly shindig that brings together some of the fastest cars on the track. With a plethora of awesome classes to look at, many people focus their attention on the Radial vs the World-class which brings some of the fiercest competition and heaviest hitters. This year was more of the same as a lot of familiar names graced the field. It’s unfortunate that there weren’t as many faces in the crowd as they’re normally are. Typically, this event will have spectators lining up from wall-to-wall. However, with the ongoing conditions, that simply wasn’t an option.

Even without the typical roaring crowd, though, the racers managed to put on a show. The event was filled with close calls and even closer finishes. It’s truly amazing when some of the most accomplished racers in the industry come together to go at one another with full fervor.

Even though it’s likely that most to view this video probably wasn’t there, luckily, we have creators like The Racing Vids who were. With that, they bring us the action so that we can watch these impressive races unfold from the comfort of our home. Below, we find all of the final rounds of the Sweet 16 that really got things going as our blood got pumping.

As usual, this is do-or-die for every racer involved so they were on their a-game. As the cars get turned up and send the most power that they can to the ground, sometimes, things can really get interesting.