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Take a 360° Ride in a Grudge Race!

As technology improves, the type of things that we see make their way to the consumer market are pretty awesome. With action cameras really making a run at the consumer’s wallet, all sorts of different looks at this kind of product have come to the light that’ll allow you to witness scenes like never before. One of these types of cameras is 360° camera that will allow the viewer to take a look all the way around the scene of the action, almost as if they were there for themselves and able to move their head on a swivel.

This time, such technology is put in place as a little bit of a grudge race goes down, putting two insane cars up against one another and strapping one of these 360° cameras to the roof, really giving you a good perspective of just how healthy both of these cars have the ability to be when they launch off of the starting line and their way down the track with a vengeance as El Toro goes head to head with Hogzilla! It’s a pretty good rush of intensity as these violent machines speed down the track and you’re able to take a look around to see what exactly is happening on the scene as it unfolds in your lap.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to either drag your mouse around, swivel your phone, or move your finger along on the screen as you spin around in 360°, allowing you to enter an experience unlike any other as a virtual reality is delivered straight to your device. After checking this out, be sure to tell us what other kinds of situations that you want to see in the 360° frame. We could see this camera making its way into all sorts of entertaining events.