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Take a Tour of Dubai’s Most Expensive Garage

Scattered in various areas throughout the world, you’ll find pockets where insane wealth exists and within this wealth, sometimes, you might just find individuals who have the some of the same aspirations as any other gearhead that you know. With this gearhead mentality and a stack of cash to facilitate this hobby, we can see some pretty insane collections sprout up and if it’s these collections that you seek, a place like Dubai probably wouldn’t be a bad place to start looking as the car culture over there would seem to be one that just about anybody would be able to appreciate.

This time, we take a peek inside what is claimed to be one of Dubai’s most expensive garages and from what we’re seeing that certainly isn’t a claim that’s hard to believe. As we take a tour of the garage belonging to one Don Casanova, we can’t help but be blown away by each and every addition to the collection as, just when you thought that it couldn’t be any more impressive, along comes another car that makes you fall even more in love with this massive wonderland filled with all kinds of horsepower in every shape and form that you could possibly imagine as it houses a little bit of something for everyone.

If you check out the video below, you’ll be able to join in on the ride for yourself, taking a good and hard look at the stuff that dreams are made of. While many times, certain collections will be tailored to one type of enthusiast or another, this collection is really something that just about anyone could appreciate. After being able to take a walk on the wild side as you take a spin through this collection, maybe you’ll be able to tell us if you’ve picked out a new favorite or two.