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YouTuber talks about his experience driving the 2020 Tesla Roadster

We’ve met professional stunt driver and driving instructor Emile Bouret a couple of times thanks to the awesome VIN wiki YouTube channel. He shared with us how he set the unofficial record for the highest speed ever recorded in Manhattan, as well as talking about his work with Audi and how he’s managed to make a career out of driving cars, something we’re all pretty envious of.

As a well-known driving instructor with the good fortune to have been college roommates with Tesla’s chief designer, Emile has worked with the automaker on some of their projects as well. He was invited to test out the Model S while it was still in the testing phase to give his opinion on how the car drove. After hitting the twisties near the factory, Emile gave the engineers his feedback and they made a minor tweak that, unfortunately, our driving pro wasn’t able to notice.

However, his work with Tesla also afforded him the opportunity to drive the upcoming Tesla Roadster, a car promised by Elon Musk to shatter pretty much every production car acceleration record. Emile spent the night of the car’s release party giving rides in the car, giving journalists and partygoers 0-80ish MPH runs in the car until well after midnight.

He also backed up Musk’s claims, numbers that many have scoffed at as “potential numbers” or “estimates”. According to Bouret, not only are those actual verified numbers, but may be on the conservative side, proving that the car is going to be a force to be reckoned with as soon as they start rolling off the showroom.

Emile gets to live the life many of us would kill for, so it’s great that we get these little glimpses at some of the awesome experiences he’s been able to enjoy. Hopefully he has several more visits to the VIN wiki studio in the future!