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Can a Tank Blast Through 10 Fridges?

It seems like, in the name of obtaining YouTube gold, we see crazier and crazier exhibitions. If one has the resources at their fingertips, why not go ahead and use them? This seems to be the question that has led to YouTube experiments getting bigger and crazier over the years. Sometimes, it’s hard to top the other videos that are out there. When a creator has been on a roll, coming up with fresh content might be challenging.

However, one thing that we think might make that a little bit easier is access to a tank. We would imagine that a YouTube creator like How Ridiculous could up getting all sorts of crazy ideas when they found that they had access to such a machine.

In this one, the tank is certainly used to answer a curiosity that we all definitely had. Sarcasm aside, although nobody has probably ever wondered if a tank can blast through 10 refrigerators, this time we’re bound to find out. As a 5 million subscriber special, the channel ended up firing away. On the receiving end of this massive weapon would be a whole bunch of appliances. I’m not sure why but this one most certainly had us watching with our full attention to see what would happen next. The display didn’t disappoint.

By following along with the video below, we get to tune into a unique display. This isn’t one that we wouldn’t recommend trying at home, even for those who do have access to a tank like this.

For us, watching from this side of the screen certainly gives us our fill of a complete adrenaline rush, anyway! Who knows what’s going to come up next when you sign in to YouTube and check out the channel like this one? We certainly don’t!

Keep a close eye on your refrigerators, kids.