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Flashback: Street Outlaws | Big Chief Buys The New Crow!

After crashing the original Crow, Street Outlaws star Big Chief had returned to action in the Crowmod and was kicking butt on the 405’s Top 10 list when the opportunity came about to compete against the guys from Fast ’n Loud on Mega Race, the rules dictated that the Crowmod was not allowed, so Chief and the guys from Midwest Street Cars had to find another chassis to start with that fit the rules of the show.

They left and headed out to check out several options before finally finding the right ride. However, when they returned to the shop with the car, the rest of the crew wasn’t exactly pleased, considering the car was literally a bare chassis with most of the body attached. With the deadline for the race looming large, to say there was a lot of work to be done was a gross understatement, but knowing how big a deal it was going to be to line up alongside Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey Garage guys, they were ready to get down to business.

As Chief pointed out, they had the best in the business standing by ready to get to work on the car, giving the Midwest guys some great help in finishing the monumental task, which they managed to not only finish, but finished within the rules, which couldn’t be said for the other team, who also brought in a professional driver, Pro Stock ace and Team Speed Society wheelman Alex Laughlin. Despite Team Fast ’n Loud throwing tons of money at their project and a pro driver, Chief still managed to pull off the win in the new Crow, the car he continues to race with. In fact, he just won the huge Discovery shootout at Bristol last month and is presumably taking the car straight up the Top 10 list as we speak, since the film crews are back in OKC shooting for upcoming seasons of Street Outlaws.