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Teens’ Carjacking Efforts Foiled When They Can’t Drive a Stick

Despite the technological advancements in cars, it seems that thieves always find a way to counteract the latest and greatest security measures, creating a cat-and-mouse game between manufacturers and thieves. However, a recent incident shows that a basic security measure can still send off the majority of potential crooks out there and it’s not something that most would expect.

The Maryland Police Department released a video showcasing 16 and 17-year-old would-be carjackers who managed to pull a driver out of his vehicle after he finished pumping gas. Once they hopped into the car, they probably thought that the hard part of the job was over. They had gotten the car’s owner out of the way and were ready to escape. All that was left to do was to get out of sight and lay low for a while to avoid detection.

However, the would-be crooks were in for a surprise as they discovered that the car was equipped with a manual transmission, a piece of technology so advanced that they had no way of beating it. All jokes aside, apparently, when these two were plotting and scheming, the ability to drive a stick shift never came up in conversation. When it came time for them to jump into action and they came across a car with a manual transmission, it led to an awkward pause as they were likely inside panicking and trying to get away after committing the serious crime.

The duo was eventually apprehended after attempting to flee on foot. It must have been quite an embarrassing situation for these would-be criminals who didn’t account for the fact that the car was a stick shift.

This incident shows that sometimes the simplest security measures can be the most effective. In this case, a manual transmission proved to be a valuable anti-theft device. It’s a reminder that despite all the technological advancements, basic security measures can still play a significant role in deterring thieves.