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Teens Stop to Help Stranded Stranger’s Car Push it Miles to Get Her Home

Sometimes, people just simply need a hand. As human beings, it is our duty and responsibility to help those in need. When Bailey Campbell, Billy Tarbett, and Aeron McQuillin were on their way to get some drinks, they saw that opportunity surface. They immediately took it!

As they were on their way to their restaurant of choice, they stumbled upon a disabled vehicle. The vehicle had smoke pouring out of it. The guys decided to stop to help to see if they could be of any assistance. After pushing the vehicle out of the intersection into a nearby parking lot, they had discovered that maybe it would be in the driver’s best interest to not try to start or drive it.

The woman driving the vehicle said that her roommate had to work at 5 AM. We presume that this follows that said roommate needed to use the car. While the young men couldn’t help with repairs, they did decide that they could help in another way. When the woman didn’t seem to be in the position to pay for a tow truck driver, their plan sprung into action.

Via Aeron McQuillin’s Facebook, “I drove my car to the destination. Almost 10 kilometres away. We got a ride back with Dan Morrison, where we got some waters, grabbed our speaker and began pushing the Chevy Cobalt down Merrittville Highway, with Dan behind us in his Ford Escape, with the 4-ways on.”

He says that they would finally get the destination after over an hour and a half of pushing. It might not have been the most efficient way to get the car home but the job got done. We certainly have to commend these men on their efforts and thoughtlessness.

There aren’t very many people who would stop to help a stranger these days. Furthermore, we think that even fewer people would be willing to help push a car for an hour and a half just to help somebody else out.

I’ll share my side of the story.Last night, Bailey Campbell, Billy Tarbett and I were out for a drive to Tim Horton’s…

Posted by Aeron McQuillin on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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