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“Tesla” Crate Motor Provides Direct Bolt in Replacement for Your Small Block

In what might be one of the most polarizing topics of the decade, it appears as if electric motor swap combinations are coming to life for those who want to replace their combustion engines. It’s absolutely no secret that the electric vehicle is making its presence felt on the automotive market. The cost to own one of these things certainly provides a pretty interesting alternative to vehicles as we know them. Throw in the fact that the current fastest production vehicle to ever make its way down the quarter mile is a Tesla Model S Plaid and EVs have the performance element down.

However, detractors from electric power will argue that it’s just not the same and I have a tendency to agree. While it might not quite be as efficient, there’s something about a big healthy camshaft and the whine of a supercharger that is really difficult to replace.

For those who are willing to do the deed, though, there is now a direct drop-in replacement that can take your muscle machine and “Tesla” swap it.

A company by the name of “EV West” has unveiled what they call the “Revolt Tesla crate motor.” While it doesn’t appear as if this motor is directly affiliated with Tesla itself, it promises to provide the same setup and be able to drop right into your classic muscle car. The appeal of this combination is that it will mate straight to existing small block motor mounts and attach directly to the existing driveshaft. In other words, it’s a direct drop-in unit that will convert many combustion powered machines to electric power.

The only drawbacks here are that its kind of expensive. The starter kit comes in with a price tag of $11,900. The specifics get a little bit fuzzy but it does appear as if the battery and control unit might be sold separately which would obviously add to that cost.

Down in the video below, More To It breaks it down and tells us exactly what one can expect with such a combination. Some might think this is an act of sacrilege and others might think it’s the coolest thing on earth. After learning about the details, be sure to tell us what you think of the concept of a direct drop-in Tesla swap.