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Tesla Cybertruck Off-Road Testing (They’re Finally Getting Delivered!)

In November, it will have been four years since Tesla first unveiled its groundbreaking Cybertruck model. With a design straight out of a science-fiction movie, the Tesla pickup truck promises exciting features and aims to be a trailblazer in many aspects. In fact, the thing pretty much broke the internet thanks to a bit of an unveiling mishap and we’ve been waiting with bated breath to see the truck on the streets ever since.

Despite its promise, some have been growing impatient, skeptical about whether Tesla will actually deliver on its promises, especially considering their commitments to other projects like the semi truck that we have yet to see hit the streets, either.

However, a recent video offers a glimmer of hope for Tesla enthusiasts. The controversial Cybertruck was spotted in Hollister Hills, California, undergoing some off-road testing, indicating once again that Tesla cares about automotive enthusiasts who are going to use their vehicles for things other than going to the grocery store. YouTube user, MuddyRuttzz, had gone to an off-road park to test a Jeep Gladiator when he stumbled upon the exciting sight of the Cybertruck and its engineers preparing for some off-road action.

The trucks were labeled as “RC,” which typically stands for “release candidate,” implying that these vehicles are engineering prototypes, possibly digging up more data to be applied to future iterations of the model. As for when we can expect the first Cybertruck deliveries, the video’s host mentioned that engineers indicated deliveries are expected to start in October. So, it seems that streets might start to resemble a sci-fi movie sooner than anticipated.

After this sneak peek of what’s to come this fall, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Cybertruck, which looks unlike anything ever produced by a mainstream automaker, except perhaps the original DeLorean.