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Tesla Driver Caught on Camera Asleep Behind the Wheel

In this day and age, we’re getting incredibly close to having automobiles that drive themselves. Notice that we said “incredibly close” and not that we’re directly in the era of self-driving automobiles. This is a common misconception that many have about technology offerings from companies like Tesla.

While autonomous driving technology is widely reported on, there is no completely autonomous system just yet. Sure, the current wave of tech is pretty good. However, it hasn’t been proven enough yet. Lawmakers have yet to allow human lives to depend completely on computerized drivers. However, some technology has trickled down to give humans a little bit of a computer-assisted hand behind the wheel.

Instead of cars that completely drive themselves, Tesla has instead introduced autonomous vehicles that drivers need to keep an eye on. This means that someone needs to have their hands on the wheel. The systems aren’t perfect and a human backup is necessary in the event of a dangerous situation. This may create a more relaxed driving atmosphere where the person in control isn’t necessarily driving but instead acts as a backup. As we have seen in some cases, that backup is entirely necessary.

This time, we follow along with the story that shows a couple of people are completely asleep in the front of a Tesla. As we have seen around the web, several folks have figured out not-so-complex ways to override safety features to allow this.

Don’t get us wrong, knocking out for a quick snooze on the daily commute might be nothing short of a dream. However, it could turn into a nightmare rather quickly if this unproven technology goes off of the beaten path. We’re sure that one day, cars will be completely safe to trust with driving on their own. For now, though, best practice has all drivers with their eyes on the roadway.