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Tesla Model Y Owners Discover What Appears to be Wood Flooring Trim Holding Together Cooling System

Even if you didn’t order your Tesla with woodgrain – there’s a good chance that it came with it anyway. It’s in a place that you probably wouldn’t expect to look. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got the guide all ready for you.

It’s no secret that Tesla is a brand that has been a little bit creative. As a new automaker, they have really broken the mold and come to market with plenty of features that many had never expected from any automaker. However, some of the latest news about one of their models breaks the mold in an unexpected way.

One method of manufacturing that Tesla has implemented really caught the eye of the internet. There’s a lot of questionable decisions made when putting together some vehicles. This recent discovery from user “Brown1428” of Tesla Motors Club might just be one of them.

It kind of looks like Tesla sourced some of their build materials from Home Depot here.

Pictures started to circulate from a forum thread when the Tesla Model Y owner noticed that a bracket for one of the components under his frunk was actually a little bit funky looking. The Tesla owner decided to take the vehicle apart to address issues with some panel alignment – a common ailment among early Tesla vehicles.

Upon removing the frunk he noticed that there was something that resembled flooring trim holding a part in place. The part in question is essentially a heat exchanger to help keep things cool. Tesla calls it the Liquid Cooled Condenser (LCC).

Around the LCC, there was a strap to hold it in place. Between the strap and the LCC, though, pieces of wood trim seemed to offer some sort of padding so that vibration could be reduced or eliminated.

Naturally, as skeptics, our first reaction to something like this was that it was just somebody making a joke. However, later in the thread, several others would chime in and say that they had some other variation of the same thing going on with their Model Ys. It even comes in different colors!

Others didn’t have the issue.

Image via Tesla Motors Club user, NaiWiste

This isn’t something that we would expect in a high-end vehicle like a Tesla let alone any other vehicle. Maybe some backyard builds get creative but cars that roll off of the assembly line don’t usually have this sort of redneck engineering onboard.

It seems like Tesla really exercised that “Gotta do what you gotta do” mentality here. It’s hard to say exactly how something like this happened. However, if we were left to assume, we would probably make a guess that something went wrong at the manufacturing plant and the last second decision was made that the material would suffice in a pinch.

At the end of the day, it seems to work for the job that it needs to. Speaking from personal experience, it isn’t the cleanest build quality item to add to the checklist but I’m sure that I speak for the majority when I say that I’ve done much worse.


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