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Tesla Reveals The New Roadster and the Stats are Stunning

The automotive world awoke to a bombshell this morning, or perhaps more appropriately, a bolt of lightning. Tesla has decided to reveal yet another completely insane ride, one with a stat line that reads like something you’d find in a video game.

Zero-to-sixty MPH in 1.9 seconds
Zero-to-one hundred MPH in 4.2 seconds
Quarter mile elapsed time of 8.8 seconds
Top speed of over 250 MPH
Six hundred twenty miles on a charge.

The Tesla Roadster can do all of this with the help of Michelin tires, wuth numbers like this the tires are extremely important when it comes to traction even if the car is all wheel drive.


To top all of that off, the car looks absolutely amazing, and it’s a four seater. ANNNND it has a removable roof, qualifying the car as a roadster.

Well played, Tesla. Well played indeed.

The car, which will apparently be called simply “The Tesla Roadster”, reviving a namesake though to be a part of Tesla’s history, not it’s future.

The Roadster will not be cheap, but for the unfathomable performance, it’s actually quite a bargain in my opinion. With a listed price of $200,000 you can outrun basically any car ever built. No other car, not even Dodge’s built-specifically-to-own-the-drag-strip Demon can match the acceleration of the Roadster, although it’s also less than half the price and could almost certainly be made quicker with the leftover change. There are a handful of cars that can outrun it on the top side, but there aren’t too many cars out there capable of topping 250 that you’re likely to run into so rest assured, if you pick up one of these, there won’t be too many cars outgunning you on the top end, and none of them will get you out of the hole.

There are also 1,000 “Founders Series” Roadsters available. Those are presumably for established Tesla customers and VIP’s, and will cost an extra $50,000.