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Tesla Shows How They’re Actually Making Ventilators With Car Parts

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Luckily, in our current age of technology, our constant connectedness is finally allowing us to do something good in the world. With the breakout of COVID-19, hospitals have been expected to be at maximum operating capacity. Because of this, the equipment on hand isn’t going to be sufficient for the projected patient load.

The equipment needed to keep people healthy isn’t necessarily something that hospitals could just order, either. Instead, there is going to be a shortage. Ventilators aren’t just something that companies are going to keep on hand. Up until now, they’ve likely had a rather constant demand. Nobody was prepared for the spike in necessity. They are, however, something that hospitals worldwide are going to need a lot of in a short period of time.

An Unlikely Hero

Because of this, different unexpected companies hopped on board in order to try and meet the demand. All of America’s automakers have promised, in some capacity, to try and help out where they could.

One of the latest to unveil their plans is Tesla. The electric vehicle automaker has stepped up to try and make ventilators. A ventilator is basically a machine that can help people breather where they might have trouble otherwise.

Their challenge was to take parts that already exist but repurpose them to create these ventilators. Familiarity with parts that are already known to be reliable can help with the construction of the machine and its longevity alike. Tesla is tasked with not only creating all of these products in a short period of time. They also want to make reliable machines that are going to do their jobs.

Down in the video below, Tesla gives us the inside scoop on how exactly they’re creating these ventilators. Some of the parts included in the process are rather unlikely. For example, one of the components just so happens to be the brand’s infotainment system. That’s just the beginning, though. Tune in below to see the “A to Z” on how it’s all coming together. – Tesla