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Tesla Cybertruck VS Ford F150, Tug Of War. +200k Trucks Already Ordered, Take Ride Inside!

For those looking for the internet to erupt, look no further than Elon Musk. The founder of the Tesla brand among many others certainly has tried out some quirky business tactics. While we, as the public, seem to enjoy Elon’s antics, the shareholders at Tesla might not be so sure sometimes.

With the release of Tesla’s first pickup truck, one would think that it would be a grand slam with all of Musk’s brilliant ideas. When the truck rolled out on that stage, though, it was met with a little bit of skepticism. Most of Tesla’s creations seem to be awarded with widespread praise. The Cybertruck, however, wasn’t exactly a unanimous win. Not many people were arguing with the specifications. The looks definitely conjured up some interesting conversations, though.

However, if there’s one thing that we’ve definitely learned over the years, it would be to not pay too close of attention to social media. Instead, statistics and facts are really where we should base our opinions. It can be incredibly easy to rank social media opinions highly, though.

The statistics do say is that the truck is off to a great start. Musk has reported that over 200,000 Cybertrucks have already been ordered. Along with being a catalyst to a bump in Tesla’s stock price, it tells us a little bit about consumer behavior these days.

We’re living in an era where almost every manufacturer is guilty of creating boring economy cars. Everyone takes risks now and then but if we take a look around the roadways, plenty are driving around in those same old gray blob economy boxes that car enthusiasts sometimes can’t help but loathe. Perhaps the early success of the Cybertruck indicates that we’re sick of the norm. Maybe it’s indicating that people are just looking for something different and exciting, no matter how offbeat.

By following along with the video below, we get an inside line on the Cybertruck and what makes it so different. At the reveal, we all were able to get a good look at the exterior. This time, though, we’re going inside for a closer look thanks to The Verge.

Tesla Cybertruck Takes on A Ford F-150 in an all-out tug of war!