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Tesla’s Insane Security Flaw Will Have You in Shock

We’re sure Tesla doesn’t want this video getting out, but we’re going to agree that owners of their cars need to realize that there is, in fact, a pretty significant security risk if they leave items in the front-mounted trunk.

With nothing more than a screwdriver, a passerby can pop off a small plastic cover that reveals two fabric loops just behind the grille of Tesla’s Model X. Give those loops a firm pull and the trunk opens, leaving anything stored in there open for the taking. If the thieves act quickly enough, as the trio responsible for the video – YouTube channel Salomondrin’s stars – point out, they can simply grab whatever is inside and shut the trunk quickly, leaving the owner to believe it’s nothing but a false alarm when they hear the alarm and go to check things out.

Having a way to access the trunk in case of a dead battery seems like a reasonable addition to the car, and it is well hidden until it’s not. However, this definitely seems like reason enough to never leave anything in the trunk of your Model X.