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Tesla’s New Model Y Spotted in the Snow Covered Summits of California

With each and every release, it seems like quickly growing American automakers, Tesla, is only continuing to deliver. So far, we’ve seen the Model S, Model 3, and Model X make their way to the streets. Along with the massive reveal of the Cybertruck, we have one model that might’ve been overshadowed a bit. The Model Y plans to find its way to play into a very specific role.

The Model Y that is scheduled to be delivered late in 2020 is basically a middle ground between the Model 3 and Model X, size-wise. The cost leader will start at a tick over $40,000 and will have different options that could take the price to $60,000.

Apparently, Tesla is still in the process of making the Model Y absolutely perfect. In fact, folks have been catching them out and about on the roadways. In this one, we catch a video as YouTube user, Christopher Radoff caught the car being put to the test. With this demonstration, the Model Y is trudging its way up a snowy Donner Summit.

It’s hard to say if this is 100% being done for the purposes of research and development or not. It does come shortly after a video surfaced of a Tesla losing control in inclement weather while under autopilot.

Regardless of what they’re doing in this video, we can’t wait to see what the ride has to offer when it finally shows its face.

Want to Order? Here are the options.

For those who have yet to order, the Model Y will come in four different varieties. This is what we can expect from them and when they are slated to drop.

  • Standard-range – 230 miles max range, top speed of 120 mph ($39,000 in spring 2021)
  • Long-range – 300 miles max range, top speed of 130 mph ($47,000 in fall 2020)
  • Dual-motor AWD – 280 miles max range, top speed of 135 mph ($51,000 in fall 2020)
  • Performance – 280 miles max range, top speed 150 mph ($60,000 in fall 2020)