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Testing Self-Righting Boats in Extreme Waves is the Ultimate Rush of Adrenaline

For the vast majority of boaters, if they know that it’s going to be an incredibly rough day, they probably would stray away from heading out into the water.

However, there is an entirely different group of people who are ready to go on the water and don’t really care if it’s going to be rough or not. In fact, there are definitely some folks who seek out rougher conditions in order to have a little bit of a thrill or properly test their vessels.

This time, we check in with a vessel that goes by the name of “Svitzer Oued Martil” and its owner is attempting to see how it will do in some rough seas.

Per the description, “Here’s a nice little video of the sea trials of ‘Svitzer Oued Martil’ including some cool on-board 360 camera footage of her going through some pretty big breaking seas during rough weather testing, and some nice foggy day drone footage and trials alongside the Brittany Ferry ‘Armorique’. Oued Martil is the 3rd ‘self-righting’ all-weather capable pilot vessel we have supplied to Svitzer for their pilotage operations in Tangier, Morocco, with the first two Interceptor 48’s operating very successfully the past two years.”

Being aboard a self-righting vessel has to be quite the experience. We’re not sure that there are too many people in this world who get the feeling of what it’s like to roll a boat upside down, let alone the feeling of that same boat being able to float back to life once again in the same breath.

The video below showcases some pretty insane water that takes this vessel on the ride of a lifetime. If you want to talk about an adrenaline rush on the water, this is definitely one way to go about getting your fix.


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