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Texas Man Crafts ‘Super Bronco’ from F-250 and Excursion

The Ford Bronco has long held a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts, with its rugged charm and off-road prowess captivating generations of fans. Now, as Ford gears up to release a highly anticipated new version of the iconic SUV, excitement among Bronco aficionados is reaching a fever pitch. But for one dedicated enthusiast from Weatherford, Texas, simply waiting for the new Bronco wasn’t enough. Enter David Stockman and his ambitious project: the Super Duty Bronco of Dreams.

Stockman’s vision was clear: to create a custom Bronco that pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, blending the ruggedness of the F-250 with the versatility of the Excursion to form a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle. With a background in coachbuilding and a passion for automotive customization, Stockman set out on a journey that would test his skills and creativity to the limit.

The Ford Frankenstein

The foundation of Stockman’s project was a meticulous fusion of a Ford F-250 and a Ford Excursion, a task that required careful planning and precise execution. By cutting and welding the Excursion’s frame to the front of the F-250, Stockman was able to achieve the desired proportions, laying the groundwork for what would become the Super Duty Bronco.

The Build

But Stockman’s vision didn’t stop there. Drawing inspiration from both the Ford passenger and commercial truck portfolios, as well as scouring local junkyards for parts, Stockman embarked on a quest to outfit his creation with the finest components available. From suicide doors sourced from a donor truck to a custom hood adorned with “SUPER BRONCO” lettering, every detail was meticulously chosen to evoke the spirit of the iconic Bronco.

The result? A masterpiece of automotive ingenuity that defies expectations. With its impeccable fit and finish, the Super Duty Bronco is a testament to Stockman’s skill as a builder and his unwavering dedication to his vision. But perhaps most impressive is Stockman’s restraint, opting for subtle customizations that pay homage to the classic lines of the Excursion and F-250 while still unmistakably resembling a Bronco.

Enthusiasts wonder if Ford could ever produce their own Super Duty Bronco as news of Stockman’s creation spreads. While the prospect may seem like a dream, Stockman’s Super Duty Bronco serves as a tantalizing glimpse into what’s possible when creativity and passion collide in the world of automotive customization.

  • u/SonOfSuperBronc via Reddit

For the legions of Bronco faithful eagerly awaiting the release of Ford’s new SUV, Stockman’s Super Duty Bronco offers a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. And for Stockman himself, it’s a testament to the power of imagination and the endless possibilities that lie within the world of custom automotive fabrication. With the Super Duty Bronco, Stockman has not only created a vehicle—he’s captured the hearts and imaginations of automotive enthusiasts everywhere. Photo Credit – Russell Stockman