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“… that was a miracle.” All 103 Passengers Survive Plane Crash in Mexico

A flight taking off for Mexico City crashed yesterday in heavy winds and rain. Fortunately, everyone aboard the flight survived and most of them have been treated and released from local hospitals.

Of the 103 people on board, 89 were transferred to receive medical attention. Of those, all but 25 have been released. Among those still hospitalized is the pilot, who is listed in serious condition after emergency surgeries totaling 5 hours, as well as an 8 year old little girl who suffered burns over a quarter of her body.

According to accounts from those on board, the plane seemed to struggle to gain enough speed to takeoff, slamming back to the ground at the end of the runway instead of climbing into the sky as expected. Weather conditions were poor at the time of the crash, with strong winds and heavy rain playing possible roles in the incident.

“It felt like the aircraft was struggling to reach takeoff speed amid the heavy rain and wind before it hit the ground twice,” said Anabel Estrada, an Illinois resident who was aboard the plane. “It began to lift up and that plane did not have enough velocity,” she said. “It was going against the air, the rain and I don’t know what else, but it didn’t have enough speed,” continued Estrada.

One passenger, a priest from Des Plaines, IL said he believes if the plane had achieved higher altitude, it would have likely flipped over before impacting the ground, which would have certainly caused more damage and more serious injuries to the passengers. “If the plane was any faster, the plane would have flipped. If the plane was any higher, the story would have been very different,” he said. “(I) certainly hold miracles as a part of daily life. … We didn’t lose anyone, and that was a miracle.”

Authorities are investigating the crash to look for any clues as to the cause beyond the weather conditions.