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The ’18 Ford GT Shocks ’19 Corvette ZR1 With Far Less Horsepower?

When it comes to the hottest cars on the market, naturally, as they come out with the new generations, car fanatics are going to want to compare them to one another. With the Chevrolet versus Ford rivalry that has been going on since the dawn of both of these brands, one particular matchup that you will see discussed over and over again is putting a Chevrolet Corvette up against the Ford GT in some capacity. This time, the Corvette that happens to be going up against the revived GT is the latest of the Corvette lineage in the 2019 ZR1.

With the ZR1 cranking out 755 horsepower, boasting more than 100 ponies over the GT’s 647 horsepower, you would think that in an all-out drag race, it would be easy work for the Chevrolet product. However, when push comes to shove in this roll race on the drags trip, it seems like the car really has its hands full. With a competition like this, it’s really more of a car race than a driver’s race and as you can tell by the trap speed, the most important metric in a race like this, it really seems like these cars are quite evenly matched. However, it does look like the GT comes out just a little bit ahead of the ZR1, at least in this particular setting.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to spot this clash of the Titans for yourself, seeing just how these cars deal with one another in such a competition. Perhaps it’s weight, gearing, or maybe it’s a little bit of something else but this GT really does seem to pull a little bit of something out of its pocket when you consider the power discrepancy that is overcome by the Ford product that really had to be a shock for everyone who saw the outcome of this one.

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