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“The 55” Wins Outlaws Big Tire at No Prep Kings in Tucson AZ

Chuck Parker, along with Kirk Peters and crew, has built one of the most feared and respected no prep cars on the planet. Known simply as “The 55”, this gorgeous ride would be right at home as the main attraction at a car show as it is on the drag strip, but when Chuck turns loose the massive Sonny Leonard-built HEMI and the huge dose of nitrous they dump through it each run, the car does what it was really built to do: shred the competition on the track, regardless of the traction level.

As the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings show rolled into Tucson, AZ for the episode filmed there, Parker and crew had The 55 tuned up and making it’s own traction, not relying on the track to bite, and it paid off. The first race was a fairly easy win when the boosted Trans Am in the other lane made a hard move toward the wall at the hit and the driver had to lift keep from scraping the wall. In the second round, Parker drew a car that could have given him a great race in Jay Boddie’s twin turbo Nova from the west coast. Everybody knows Boddie and his crew are lethal on any surface, so it was shocking to see him strike the tires and be forced to lift early in the run.

The last two rounds would not be so easy for Parker, though. He lined up against the silver Lumina known as Luminasty and those two put on one hell of a race, with the scoreboards having to tell the crowd who took the win because from the stands, it looked like a dead heat. The final around against Cali’s 55 would be more of the same with both cars leaving hard and locking doors all the way down the track, with the track’s electronics having to reveal the winner at the stripe.

Parker took home the win and the payday, which was likely dropped right back into the car for updates and repairs as it looked like they dropped a piston or 2 on that last run.