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The 707-hp, $100,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Launch Control

Zero to sixty: Three point four seconds.

Quarter mile: Eleven point eight seconds.

Trap Speed: One hundred fifteen miles per hour.

These sound like pretty impressive numbers for any showroom stock sports car, right? Well these aren’t sports car stats, these are the stats for Jeep’s new 707-horsepower Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

Powered by same hemi found under the hood of the Hellcat Chargers and Challengers, the Trackhawk has the added benefit of Jeep’s all wheel drive system to keep the SUV hooking and booking as soon as the hammer is dropped. Of course, it’s a little heavier and much less aerodynamic than it’s Dodge cousins, but knocking down sub-12 flat quarter mile times and 0-60 numbers that will send Mustang and Camaro owners scrambling for their tissues, all with a rear end full of groceries make it more than worth the added pounds.

While it’s hardly cheap, checking in at a 401k-draining $100,000, the Trackhawk is still quite the performance bargain based solely on the numbers, never mind the fact that you can haul the kids to school in the comfort of a fully-featured Jeep SUV with over 700 ponies on tap.

While the JGC Trackhawk will likely be the top of the line for FCA as far as SUV’s go, don’t forget there is also an SRT Durango in the pipeline. We got to test drive one of these at the Dodge press event earlier in year and let me tell you, it may not have 707 horsepower, but it has a bunch and the thing quite literally handles like a sports car. If you can’t quite swing a hundred large for the Trackhawk, keep an eye out for the SRT Durango. It’s surely going to be a little cheaper and will be a great compromise for those who want the performance but can’t quite afford this hotrod. Plus it looks downright amazing!