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The All New Toyota Supra is Here… Are You a Fan?

If there’s one thing that car fans have hanging in the rafters above them as they’ve been clamoring about it, that would be the way that they want to see the Toyota Supra make a comeback. Lots of people from around the world have been sitting and waiting, wondering if Toyota would take the opportunity to leap into the future with their Supra and finally, even though it’s just a very small taste of what we’re going to get, we have begun to unroll exactly what they plan to do with the Supra nameplate. I guess that it’ll be up to the enthusiasts at this point to pick apart and decide what the car’s strong points are.

Now, when we say that Toyota has given us a whole bunch of nothing, we almost mean it because basically, all that we have from the brand is nothing more than what the car is going to look like. Inside and out, Toyota has given us the GR Supra Racing Concept but aside from that, we have no information on what’s going to be powering it, what it’s going to be shifted with or anything about the chassis design. For all we know, they just designed this body and stuck and interior in it and that’s it. Now, I’m sure they have more coming and it’s hanging out in the lab somewhere but as of now, we get an incredibly big tease at what’s sure to be an exciting public release.

If you follow the video below, you’ll get the complete tour of the car, showing off what exactly the new Supra is going to look like. After being able to check out exactly how it looks, be sure to tell us what you think of the machine as it sits. It would seem as if Toyota would be making up new architecture entirely for the car as it has some pretty high expectations to live up to. It would be pretty interesting to see if they borrow any sort of mechanical architecture from the iconic Supra of old.

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