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The Big Show at Big Meat Run 2019 – Trail Ride Revolution EP5

In the world of rock bouncing, there are certain spots to become synonymous with their refusal to be conquered. Among the spots, we have to admit that one of our favorites is hiding away in Disney, Oklahoma. Some of these climbs are just too good to pass up. For example, Disney features a rock wall that would be pretty tough to climb under traditional conditions. When we throw in the fact that it’s basically a waterfall with a small pond at the bottom, though, things get all that much more difficult. After all, it doesn’t take any sort of genius or engineer to figure out that a wet surface is going to be a lot more difficult to be able to climb.

Believe it or not, that wouldn’t stop the competitors on the fifth episode of Trail Ride Revolution. This series by our buddies over at Busted Knuckle Films takes us straight to the scene of the action to see the best of the best going at it. Whether it’s a rock bouncer, RZR, or even a Jeep, every competitor is trying as hard as the last to make it to the top. It’s no secret that not everybody is going to make it, though.

“The hill was made famous by none other that Bobby Tanner when he climbed his own line back in the day. The video basically broke the internet with over 100 Million Views making it the most Viral Rock Bouncer Video of All Time!” –Busted Knuckle

By following along with the action below, we get to see not only how hard these competitors are trying to climb but also a little bit of the fun that went on that day beyond the climb. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that the Big Show at Big Meat Run is certainly the place to be.