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The Biggest Pileup in GT History Is Painful To Watch… How Much Money In Damages?

The title of this video – Mayhem in Macau – is painfully accurate, given what you’re about to see is indeed painful to watch. If you follow GT racing at all, or even if you just appreciate fast, expensive race cars, or hell, if you’re just here to see some crashes (we know you guys are out there!), then the video below will either make you cringe or make your day. Either way, it’s pretty astonishing footage the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

At the FIA World Cup Grand Prix in Macau, there’s a section of track that, even for a street-style race course, is ridiculously narrow. As the field snakes, it’s way toward the narrow gap, one of the first cars through gets into the barrier on the left and grinds to a sudden stop. The first car behind it manages to avoid slamming into his rear end, but the next car… and the next TWELVE aren’t quite so lucky.

That’s right, in a matter of literally seconds, a total of fourteen cars – count them yourself, but note that the would-be-fifteenth car doesn’t appear to actually hit the fourteenth – pile into each other. While not all of them appear to be completely destroyed, it’s hard to say from this perspective how badly the cars were damaged. However, they were all knocked out of this particular race and sent back to the garage to be loaded up. The ones that can be repaired will undergo surgery at the various teams’ shops, while the rest of them will be stripped of what can be salvaged and scrapped.

It’s crazy to see this many cars wreck in such a short timespan, and to think about the amount of money that will have to be spent to repair or replace these cars will easily reach 7 figures, perhaps higher, but that’s the cost of doing business in the GT world.