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The Coolest Street Legal Dragster Modified Coupe EVER!

We certainly love our full-tilt, purpose built race cars, be they for the dragstrip, autocross course, road course or drifting, but there is an undeniable grassroots appeal of a street/strip build that looks the part of a racecar while offering the freedom to hit the highways and cruise around town. This five window coupe has been drastically modified from how it would have looked nearly a century ago when these cars were rolling off the assembly line, and it looks and sounds like it has more than enough power to back up it’s insane appearance.

The 32 Ford-based build is powered by a radical blown small block that is force-fed by a 6-71 blower with a Hilborn mechanical fuel injection setup. Power is sent rearward from the stout little small block through a GM TH350 transmission to a nine inch Ford rear. Outward from there, massive Hoosier tires provide plenty of traction for the horsepower. Beneath the lightweight replica body, under the louvered trunk, lie the radiator and fan, along with the alternator and battery. Out front, a custom dragster style chassis extends the wheelbase by several feet, providing better leverage and weight distribution for the car when the throttle is hammered wide open.

A full complement of lights make the car legal for street use. Inside, the interior is decidedly racecar-esque, with only a few necessary gauges and a butterfly steering wheel adorn the flat aluminum dash. A full cage wraps the driver in a safe cocoon should the car get away from him and crash. You can see in the video that the car has pretty decent street manners for a car that would certainly look more at home on the drag strip than it does on Main Street. As my grandfather would say, “This thing’s so fast it will pass anything but a gas station,” as the owner has to stop and fill it up with gas after its short cruise around town.

This is definitely one badass way to run to grab a few groceries, provided you don’t need more than you can carry in your lap!