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The Difference Between Wearing a HANS Device, and not During a Crash is Dramatic

With each and every lap that’s taken around any sort of racing surface, we get to see safety equipment evolve. Sometimes, it might come on the heels of a devastating wreck, however, the positive of trying to make sure that it doesn’t happen in the future is always in the sights of the people who take on the job of keeping racers safe.

As technology continues to get better in other areas, this area of safety is equally as fast-moving. If you take a look at the racing safety technology of today as opposed to just a couple of decades ago, the stark differences are amazing.

One item in the safety repertoire of many drivers would be what’s known as a HANS or “Head and Neck Support” Device. Essentially, what the device is designed to do is to provide another level of rigidity that will support your head in an accident because, sometimes, with an instantaneous change in momentum, your head and helmet carries a good amount of weight that can create a whiplash effect which, as we have seen over the years, has been attributed to a good amount of injury and, in some cases, even worse.

So, you know about this device and what it’s designed to do. When it’s actually an action, how effective is it? Well, with this demonstration, if you had any doubt about the effectiveness of the HANS device, you’ll get to see, in living color, just how effective it is with the side-by-side comparison that puts a situation where the HANS is in use up against one where a head and neck restraint system isn’t in use. When you consider cars moving at high rates of speed, it all starts to make a little bit more sense. Who knows what will come next to help keep drivers safe?