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The DUMBEST Car Thief Ever Steals YouTuber’s Mercedes-Benz

Straight off of the bat, I think that it goes without saying stealing cars a pretty dumb decision. However, just like with anything in this world, legal or not, there are people who are good at it and there are people who suck at it. If you couldn’t already tell by the title of this video, this time, we’re going to dig into a situation with somebody who ended up being a rather poor example of a thief as they attempted to steal a car from YouTuber by the name of Hoovies Garage and ended up failing horribly. It’s honestly a little bit embarrassing with some of the things that you see pictured in the story.

The “how?” is pretty simple. It was, as they put it, “a crime of opportunity.” As the Mercedes-Benz ML55 was dropped off at a detailing shop, it was left running with the heat on in the garage, a standard practice, in order to make sure that the interior would dry out by the time that the owner would come to pick the car up. However, as it would turn out, a would be criminal would walk right on by the scene as the car was left running and decided that they wanted the vehicle bad enough to risk walking right in the shop, in broad daylight, and driving away with it.

After a call from the detailer informing the owner that the car was no longer there, the search was on as our hero would drive aimlessly around neighborhoods, looking for the vehicle. He even to the news and got the story blasted all over the place and would eventually hear back from somebody who saw an individual who was known for stealing cars as he posted a picture of the vehicle, posing with it on Facebook. From there, the heat would get more and more intense until eventually, the car would be recovered. If you follow along with the journey below, you’ll be able to ride along and see just how that all unfolded.