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The Easy Way to Remove Spray Paint From a Vandalized Car

For one reason or another, cars get vandalized all the time. Whether it’s a random act or someone ends up being targeted for one reason or another, people can wreak havoc on cars.

There are a variety of materials out there that can be used to damage cars in an act of vandalism. One of the most common is probably sprayed paint, though. The reason for that is because spray paint is very accessible. Out of anger, it would be pretty easy for somebody to head to the local home improvement store and pick up a can to send a clear message.

Naturally, we would probably recommend being a little bit more of a grown-up than that. However, if you end up being the victim of vandalism, things can end up getting pretty intense. After everything gets sorted out and it’s time to figure out how to repair the car, there will be several options.

In many cases, the first course of action for most folks would probably be the thought of filing an insurance claim. At the end of the day, your insurance company will probably be able to get it all sorted out. However, not only are you going to have to pay a high deductible, your rates are likely going to go up as well.

Furthermore, someone could turn to a shop to get the job done. This is a viable option but shops would likely charge a pretty penny to get your car back to normal.

Instead, there might be some DIY options to clean up the vandalism in question. This time, YouTuber, ChrisFix walks us through the DIY method with a vandalized car that he bought off of eBay.

While spray paint might seem rather permanent, with a couple of easy-to-access materials and some elbow grease, it could be removed in a relatively short period of time. By doing it on your own, not only can you and avoid insurance hikes. You can also avoid having to pay a body shop top dollar to do the job.