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The Unstoppable Russian ATV – The Sherp

In everyday life, unless we run into somebody who has money to throw around, our vehicles have to have some sort of practicality behind them. Even for those who do have a toy vehicle, they need somewhere to store it, plenty of money for upkeep, and a nice timeframe to use it.

However, for those ready and willing to take all practicality and throw it out the window, we’ve got something for you! This time, we check out the most versatile machine to ever touch tire to ground. This thing is so awesome that one might just have to realign their goals to include it in long-term planning. This thing pretty much will be able to do whatever it is that the driver throws at it.

In this one, we take a ride along with TheSmokingTire as Matt Farah takes us for a little bit of a spin in an all-terrain machine that’s known as “The Sherp.”

Essentially, this beastly little nugget of a vehicle takes the liberty of plowing its way through just about anything. In this one, we get to check out a demonstration that really stretches out the legs on this crazy set of wheels. We’re shown exactly what it’s capable of as it conquers snow, ice, and even a little bit of mud. At this rate, it doesn’t look like there’s anything that the mini monster can’t achieve!

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to sit right up front to get the best possible seat to view the action. The Sherp really goes to war with the elements, managing to come out on top! Not only is this thing probably one of the most versatile vehicles that one could come up with when it comes to pounding your way through the elements. It also looks like one heck of a lot of fun that you can get behind the wheel of and have an absolute blast with.