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The EPA is Attacking Our Freedom to Modify Our Cars – Here’s What You Need to Know

As automotive enthusiasts, the year 2021 is kind of a wild time to be alive.

It feels like, on one hand, we are in the thick of things with some of the most awesome marvels of engineering on four wheels that we have ever seen. From exotic cars belting out insane horsepower all the way to something like the Chevrolet Corvette switching from a configuration that we’ve known for decades to a mid-engine application, and even the Toyota Supra finally coming back to life, we’re seeing some really awesome stuff. Something like the Ram TRX even gives us the option for a supercharged pickup truck making over 700 horsepower!

On the other hand, though, it seems like some who love combustion engines are having a little bit of trouble accepting the idea that electric power is becoming more mainstream every day. It also seems like there are some environmentalists who are a little too excited to kick combustion engines out the door.

In reality, though, both technologies can coexist.

There doesn’t really seem to be much of a decent argument for getting completely rid of combustion engines. Even if electric vehicles take over, these combustion engines definitely have a place in the enthusiast network of folks who are more than willing to pay for them.

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However, it seems like the EPA is up in arms, ready to try and take down anyone who wants to have fun with a combustion-powered vehicle. In fact, recently, they have been trying to push an agenda that will disallow anyone from taking a factory car and turning it into something built to race.

Luckily, with the organization that is SEMA, automotive enthusiasts have organized to push back. They’re doing this, mainly, through the RPM Act which is designed to protect motorsports from the EPA and its rulings.

We check-in with ThatDudeinBlue as he gives us a detailed breakdown of exactly what all of this back-and-forth has been over the past couple of days.



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