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The Factory Mercedes SLR McLaren Hood Costs How Much?

When you’re talking about picking up an exotic car for yourself, sometimes the experience is a lot more than meets the eye. Now, that statement could come in either a good or bad form but this time, we dive into the unfortunate series of events that is the negative side of things.

While getting into an exotic might seem like an exciting adventure, you might want to make sure that your wallet is a little bit more padded than the cost of the car and insurance themselves. Even when getting into a low dollar exotic, things can tend to get rather expensive.

This time, we check out the situation that has Rob Ferretti describing the situation in which he made a little bit of an accidental miscalculation about the price of a “$75,000 Viper Hood.” This time, he tells us all about the car with the actual $75,000 hood, that being a Mercedes SLR McLaren.

Tune into the good bit of advice down below from Rob as he describes to us the backwards market of exotic car parts. After taking one look at this video, you might just decide that the headache of buying an exotic car just isn’t worth it!