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The first start of Daddy Dave’s new procharged Goliath 2.0!

For the past few years that we have known Daddy Dave he has always been the one to use nitrous over anything else, from the S10 truck to the Mustang he drives and in his current ride Goliath and Goliath 2.0 he always used nitrous and always crushed the competition! From being number one on the list in the S10 to climbing the list in Goliath the bottles have been good to him but not his motors!

With his driving skills he can take anything that is fast enough to the number one spot or the win in any big race. Just recently he ripped all the nitrous out and put the procharger in Goliath 2.0… A change none of us saw coming and to be honest we are stoked to see it rip down the street.

Dave must have been tired of blowing motors, cracking pistons and dealing with all the problems nitrous brings to racers. Check out the video below and watch the very first start up of Goliath 2.0 with a massive Procharger on it! That whistle and exhaust sounds damn good! This beast is going to do work!

Do you think he wil be faster or slower with the new setup? Let us know in the comments!


Heat in the pipes…..

Posted by Daddy Dave on Thursday, November 10, 2016

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