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The Games Have Started, The Crown is Up For Grabs! Who Will Be The King of the 405 Streets?

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re off to the races. Over the past year, needless to say, things have kind of been a little bit strange. This has applied to every front including that of racing. With the pandemic of 2020, racing in just about every format has had its schedule mixed around or completely done away with in some cases. Needless to say, this has had us itching to dig into a little bit of action.

With that, we have to say that we have been incredibly excited for the new season of Street Outlaws to kick off. This past Monday, that moment would finally come and we would watch as our favorite racers would hit the streets to shuffle up the list a little bit. It’s going to be quite an interesting storyline to see where the chips fall with the newly improved cars, especially with some racers focusing more on the no-prep scene. How will this impact racing on the street?

Not only are we going to get a megadose of list racing. We’re also going to see 64 of the countries most awesome street racers come together in one event that’s going to deliver $600,000 in payouts. That’s right, “Mega Cash Days” is going to deliver one of the biggest and baddest street racing competitions in the history of the sport. If the intensity from this sort of competition wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping, perhaps the massive amount of cash on the line will.

In a year that has been so backward, it’s awesome to be able to watch Street Outlaws again on Monday at 8 PM, no matter what the time zone. It definitely brings some sort of normalcy back to our lives and looks very promising moving into the current season. Be sure to tune in to Discovery to see exactly what’s going to happen next on Monday.

Photo credit – 405 Photo / https://www.405photo.com/