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The Guys At Flite Test Make Box Fans Fly!

As human beings, when we really put our minds to things and get constructive, I would have to say that people are able to create some pretty amazing things from the confines of their own mind. When you get to take a peek at some of the creations that human beings are able to come up with, sometimes, it’s hard not to be amazed that somebody was able to connect the dots in such a way as to make a finished product come to life and create something that is worthy of admiration. With such creations, it can take an incredibly smart person to be able to make everything really pop off of the canvas and come into focus in real life.

Is this one, we get to check out a stint of ingenuity that shows off somebody’s drone creating ability. Now, this isn’t exactly a functional creation in the traditional sense as you’re probably used to with people who have specialized parts at their disposal but instead, somebody who partakes in a situation that’s almost cartoonish, using the likes of a collection of box fans in order to create a sort of DIY drone. When you think about these concepts, it almost seems like something that is just simply not in the cards to be practical, however, these folks took the time and effort to make it come to life and knocked the creation out of the park.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly how such a creation makes magic happen. When you see something like this, it really gives you hope that, with enough patience and the willingness to learn, that you could make something truly amazing happen yourself! Who knows what is possible, just with the use of some simple objects that you probably have in your very own house?