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The Hellcat Powered “SRT HellRam” is Exactly What the Performance Community Needs

Ever since Dodge decided that it would grace the world with its Hellcat architecture, we have noticed a sort of trend. That trend follows the lines of the idea that Dodge is willing and ready to stash this powertrain in just about anything that you could imagine. From its Ram pickup truck to the full-sized SUV that we know as the Durango, a variety of machines have gotten the 700+ HP Hellcat treatment with great results.

However, there is one segment that fans have been clamoring to get a high-performance application for that the Hellcat hasn’t quite greeted just yet. Even though performance truck enthusiasts have raised an eyebrow at the success of the Ram TRX, some have been wondering if maybe there is another pickup truck in the works to receive Hellcat power.

Sure, the off-road-oriented TRX that is designed to compete directly with the Ford Raptor has been met with great praise. Therefore, it would be left the reason that Ram might consider putting the same concepts to work in a truck that is built strictly for the street.

I’m no engineer but it doesn’t seem like there would be all that much more engineering involved in making the combination work in the same truck with a single-cab configuration that’s lower to the ground. Right?

As many of us have been dreaming of this, Instagram user, wb.artist20, decided to put these concepts to work.


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A post shared by Oscar Vargas (@wb.artist20)

The resulting “Hellram” concept seems to be a simple mix of features that have been borrowed from the pre-existing TRX combined with a few styling design flares concocted by the artist to spice up a single-cab Ram 1500 pickup. The result is a regular cab short-bed pickup truck, the likes of which the performance community has not seen for quite some time.


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A post shared by Oscar Vargas (@wb.artist20)

Oh yeah, and if you’re not convinced that something like this would be viable enough to sell the amount of units necessary to justify the cost, the video below shows off YouTube creator, BoostedMotorsports, swapping a Hellcat engine into a real life Ram to create his very own “Hellram.”



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