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The Honda Ridgeline Gets a Facelift For 2021 – Did Honda Un-Ugly It!?

When Honda announced that it would start making pickup trucks, pickup truck fans couldn’t help but be a little bit curious. When the vehicle eventually came out, it would end up being rather controversial. It really seems like one of those models that people love or hate. While some can’t part ways with Honda reliability, others take one look at this thing and wonder how somebody in the market for a pickup could end up picking this one. For those who can’t seem to wrap their mind around somebody buying this thing, news has broken that the Ridgeline has actually managed to outsell a popular option in the Nissan Frontier.

The midsize truck segment is rapidly expanding and with that, getting a lot more competitive. As with other segments, this is one where many automakers are trying to get their piece of the pie. Where there are more customers, there are sure to be more innovations by every brand looking to overtake the next. With this, Honda has to make sure to stay on their game. This means not only upgrading the technology and capability within the Ridgeline but also making it look the part as well.

Fans of the Ridgeline probably are wondering how exactly the design will be taken into the new era. Those who have found the design to be controversial are probably wondering if it could find a way to please even more potential consumers.

This time, we get a deep dive into the Honda Ridgeline. With the help of the crew over at TFLtruck, we get to really pick apart this truck and what it’s all about. For 2021, the machine is getting quite the refresh. In this one, we get the full details on what exactly that means for people who may be considering buying one of these things.

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