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The Kia Stinger Just Beat Down The Mustang GT in Head to Head Performance Comparison

If you want to figure out how to stir the pot on the internet, take a legendary performance inspired machine like the Ford Mustang and put it head-to-head with something that maybe we are that familiar with for the sake of its performance heritage, but more of an economy car and furthermore, an economy car whose reputation hasn’t been so great over the years, only to be revived recently. When the latter of the two manages to come on out on top in such a situation, the internet will undeniably go completely bonkers as we see with this very comparison, well, at least the Mustang fans will be losing their minds. However, regardless of the back and forth regarding the ability of the driver behind the wheel of the Mustang, we think that this comparison still brings up some pretty good points.

In this one, we head down under with a YouTube channel that goes by the name of Motoring Australia and the goal that is set up to be achieved in this video is to take 3.3 L twin turbo Kia Stinger sedan and put it to the test against the 5.0L Coyote Mustang to see which one comes out on top. According to the reviewers, on paper, these cars do seem to be relatively similar in terms of performance which might come as a big shocker to automotive fans who would have assumed that the V8 would be leaps and bounds above anything that Kia could produce.

The video below shows these cars being put to the test on a variety of different metrics that might just make you look at each one in a new light. After watching this endeavor, regardless of how you feel about this comparison, you have to admit that both of these manufacturers have certainly come a long way from the days of old, with both of them creating machines that many would be proud to have in their driveway.

Video & Photo credit – Motoring Australia