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The largest airplane junkyard in the world: U.S. Air Force “Boneyard”

When it comes to ever evolving aircraft technology, you might find that what is in place right now quickly outlives its usefulness and can be used no longer.

Where does a military aircraft go when it can no longer serve its purpose? We welcome you to the largest airplane junkyard in the world known as “The Boneyard.”

Spanning 2600 acres, this place is stacked high with all kinds of aircraft that are all in various stages of being disassembled so that the parts can either be recycled or scrapped.

It’s almost creepy to look at as rows upon rows of the same aircraft sit, waiting for their final days to come around while different aircraft are disassembled.

When you break down numbers, there has to be millions upon millions of dollars just sitting there waiting to be salvaged. All money aside, this is still an amazing collection to see.

Could you imagine being left to just wander through this wasteland of aircraft parts? It would most definitely make for an interesting adventure.


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