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The Legendary SUMMERNATS In Australia Has Set A New World Record For “Most Cars Simultaneously Doing A Burnout” And It May Be The Most Australian Record In History

While we here in the states are certainly big-time proponents of big, gnarly burnouts, there’s no denying that our gearhead brethren from the Land Down Under are truly the kings of the tiresmokeing realm. As much as we love heating the hides, the automotive community in Australia quite literally takes it to the extreme, even having whole events dedicated to nothing but burnouts.

The Summernats, one of the largest car meets in Oz, features several different aspects, including drag racing, a massive cruise, a body art contest, and the infamous Horsepower Heroes dyno contest. But what really draws the biggest crowd and the most participation from entrants are the burnout competitions. There are not one, not two, but three major competitors held throughout the weekend, culminating with the Burnout Masters on Sunday, where the king is crowned each year.

This year, there was something very special included in the lineup: a world record attempt for the most cars doing a burnout simultaneously. When I first read the headline, I imagined maybe 50-60 cars lined up doing burnouts at the same time. I was underestimating my southern brothers by approximately 50%!

That’s right, boys and girls! The Aussie’s found a total of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX cars, lined them up door to door down a drag strip, and had every single one of them absolutely obliterate the tires. And these weren’t just your run-of-the-mill cars. Each of these hotrods looked to be hopped up to some degree, with many of them having that trademark Aussie blower-through-the-hood setup. The smoke cloud was so massive it may have been temporarily visible from space, and was certainly visible for miles around the Australian landscape.

I’ve always said I would love to visit Australia, maybe I’ll plan to make the trip next year and catch the insane Summernats live and in person!



They did it for Australia and brought the record for the world's largest simultaneous burnout back home to its rightful place. This is how we do it down under. The Street Machine Summernats 32 is going off! Soundtrack "SEND IT" by Band of Nothing.

Posted by SUMMERNATS on Thursday, January 3, 2019


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