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Cars to avoid as they are stolen the most!

Every few years, a particular car tends to stand out as a prime target for theft. It might be because of a model’s popularity or maybe a lack of security features. Unfortunately, for many car buyers, the realization that their vehicle ends up on a “most stolen” list often comes too late. If you’re currently in the market for a car, now is the perfect time to investigate which vehicles are more susceptible to theft and maybe try to avoid them. Waking up to realize your car disappeared in the middle of the night is a feeling that no person wants to face.

According to insights from Donut, approximately one million vehicles were stolen last year alone, equating to one car taken every 30 seconds—an alarming statistic to ponder.

Various methods are employed to determine the most stolen vehicles. Some metrics consider total units, while others focus on less common models with a higher percentage of theft due to their lower overall population.

In this context, the spotlight falls on notorious names such as the Dodge Charger, Kia, and Hyundai models, alongside popular machines like the Honda Accord, which mysteriously vanish every day in substantial numbers.

The video presentation delves into the significance of antitheft devices and their role in preventing theft. It explores the allure certain cars hold for criminals and the ease of access that lands specific models on the notorious “most stolen” list.

By closely following the insights presented in the video below, you can gain a better understanding of which cars might not be the wisest investment, both in terms of emotions and finances. Assessing the risk of theft for a particular model could influence your decision-making process and help you avoid unnecessary headaches down the road. Avoiding members of this list isn’t a guarantee to avoid a stolen car but we’d venture to say that it’s a pretty great start.