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This Honda Accord Has Over 1 Million Miles! Here’s The Secret To Getting It There!

While everybody has their own wants and needs as it pertains to their vehicle, I think that we all have at least one such want in common. Everybody who has ever purchased a vehicle wants to get the most mileage out of it as possible without having to fix anything.

When we see these cars that have managed to click over 1,000,000 miles, we can’t help but be impressed and wonder how we can get our own rides to such a wild benchmark.

This time, we check in with a video that attempts to shed a little bit of light on that idea by taking on a million-mile Honda Accord that has had very few issues over its lifetime and still retains most of the original parts.

The car featured by TFLclassics was originally purchased brand new buy a Honda employee, according to our host. The man named Joe drove the car from dealership to dealership around the country but it was based in the Northeast, a harsh environment for any car. That didn’t really seem to phase Joe or his Honda, though, as the car just kept on going.

A million miles later and the Honda was still ticking after the likes of 185 oil changes, nine timing belts, and 72 sets of tires over the years. Joe says that the car only ended up on the back of a tow truck one time and that was because the fuel pump conked out at 741,000 miles. I would say that this is a pretty reasonable item to replace after getting nearly three-quarters of a million miles out of your daily driver.

Below, we you check in with the tour of the car that explains more in detail about what it was that got this machine over that seven-figure mileage hurdle and what one might do to obtain such a goal for themselves.