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The Luxury SUV Drag Race! Can The Tesla Take Down The Lamborghini, Range Rover, And Mercedes?

I hope somebody out there in TV land is watching this video, because these guys would make for a solid Top Gear-esque trio. There’s just something you can’t help but like about three guys with British accents driving cars, especially when they have that witty sarcasm that it seems all Brits have.

For this video, we have four of the most badass SUV’s on the market lined up for a heads-up drag race, followed by a roll race just for fun. The contenders are a who’s who of luxury performance SUV’s: Tesla’s Model X P100D, Lamborghini’s Urus, Mercedes’ AMG G63 and Range Rover’s Sport SVR. I would like to point out here that I think Jeep’s Trackhawk would have been a better 4th compared to the Range Rover. While it may not be up the same level of luxury as the other three, the Trackhawk’s 700+ horsepower supercharged HEMI would have certainly made for a better race than the comparatively anemic Sport SVR.

However, since they didn’t ask me, we’ll just look at the Range Rover as more of a control, a baseline for solid performance to which the other three can be compared. After a little back and forth ribbing about the exhaust sounds of each ride – and the lack thereof from the all-electric Tesla – the quartet drop the hammer and roll through the quarter mile.

While I expected the Tesla to take the win, I will admit I was surprised by just how convincingly it took down the Urus and it’s 640 horsepower turbocharged V8. The Model X laid down a solid 11.3 quarter mile time, while the Urus followed just over a half second back, still dipping into the 11 second bracket with an 11.9 second quarter mile time. Coming in 3rd with a respectable 12.3 second time is the 577 horsepower AMG G63, and finally comes the Range Rover, which clicked off a 12.9 second run thanks to its 514 horsepower supercharged V8.

The four then line up to run from a roll, with the exact same finishing order, with the Tesla taking a huge win in this race as well.