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This Barracuda Driver Learns When to Get Out of the Gas the Hard Way…Twice

Heading out to any race track, before you get out there and go to battle, they make you sign a waiver so that just in case anything happens, you accept full responsibility and while we don’t see it too often, there is definitely a reason why they do that because accidents do happen out there on the racing surface.

This time, we come across a driver who looks like he is about to get out of a tight situation where he’s getting ready to crash into the wall but somehow manages to slow the car down and save it before any of that happens. However, that isn’t where the saga ends.

It’s an unfortunate situation when we watch as the driver of the Barracuda decides to get back into the throttle after slowing down and coming to a stop with his first stint that didn’t end so hot. It’s at this point that the car continues the burnout that it was doing down the track, getting it into a bad spot before, and this time, the driver doesn’t get so lucky. At the end of the day, I think if this is going to be one that he would rather just put in the bank of memories to forget.

Luckily, the impact doesn’t look that hard but, no matter what, when you run your car into the wall, it’s going to end up being a bad day. This probably isn’t what he had imagined when the driver set out to go out to the track for the day but now, it looks like he has a little bit of damage to deal with.


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