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This Is Why Boyd Coddington Disliked Chip Foose

When it comes to the behind the scenes happenings that accompany some of the biggest and most popular shops and operations around the world, making everything come together isn’t as easy as it might appear. You can’t just put all kinds of personalities and skill sets together and hope that it all just gels.

This time, we check out the moment that Boyd Coddington and his painter/fabricator Charlie Hutton part ways and the split between these two long time friends is a truly tense moment as Charlie decides that it’s his time to up and leave Coddington and head over to work for the competition.

Instead of staying put, Charlie hopes to go and work for Chip Foose and to say that Boyd isn’t happy about it is an understatement. Cameras roll as the two have no other option but to lay it all out on the table and tell one another what they’re thinking about the situation.

Join in on the confrontation down in the video below as the two briefly clash horns and eventually go their separate ways. What do you think about how these two handled the situation that might have just turned these long term friends sour on one another?