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The MOST Luxurious Car in the World…

If there’s one thing that’s absolutely never going to go out of style, it’s the search for ultimate luxury. Not only is it not going to go out of style but pursuing it is something that a lot of folks are willing to spend a lot of money to obtain.

In this case, luxury takes the form of the Maybach S580, a car that our host at Unbox Therapy says is the most luxurious that has ever been in his studio and potentially even the most luxurious car in the entire world.

So, what exactly is it that makes a car qualify to be adorned with such a description?

When it comes to this particular model, there are a lot of different places to look. From the highest quality materials and construction to things like custom metal champagne glasses, a refrigerator, and even massage seats with a number of different settings, the Maybach S580 does everything it can to keep those riding along in as much comfort as possible. Perhaps, one of our favorite features is the adjustable ambient lighting that really can set the mood. This car really does have a little bit of everything and then some. If it could be thought up, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it here.

As time moves forward, it’s interesting to see how exactly technology is integrated with these luxury machines to make them even better and this is yet another metric that the S580 dominates in.

With the video below, we follow along with the car that starts out with a price of $185,950. However, the example shown comes in at $297,000 which is more than a lot of people spend on a house.

After checking in with the tour of the incredible machine down below, be sure to tell us what you think of this sort of extravagance and its incredible price tag.