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The Most Luxurious Toy Hauler Will Leave You With Serious Trailer Envy

Traveling around the country and carrying out motorsports dreams, whether it’s drag racing or dirt biking sounds like a great time.

Don’t get me wrong, having lived that life, it’s definitely a thrill. However, there are some considerations that are going to need to be made if you plan on doing this a lot. At the end of the day, traveling can be a toll on the body and the mind alike. With that, accommodations will normally be made with some sort of sleeping arrangement whether it’s a hotel or a blowup mattress. I guess that this is where the “Different strokes for different folks” saying play well.

In a world where some people take these accommodations more seriously than others, there is definitely the potential to spend some big money here. With that, we find our way to a trailer that is big enough to haul all the toys but also provide some pretty awesome room for living comfortably on the road. It might not be as expensive as a house but this place really makes some considerations that will make you feel right at home while living in a car trailer.

The concept all came to life when a company by the name of Cimarron Trailers, a brand that typically builds horse trailers, noticed a gap in the market. With that, they decided to create a toy hauler that would parallel their horse trailer that already had living quarters in it. Inside, we find everything from the common considerations like electrical outlets all the way to uncommon amenities like stow away seating. As it turns out, most trailers don’t have the most space in the world to make use of. Therefore, sometimes, making the most of the space available is definitely at the top of the priority list.

Below, we check in with the trailer that makes a lot out of a little. However, it doesn’t come without a price tag of $121,000.

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