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The Most Powerful Pontiac in the World Lays INSANE Power on the Dyno

Back in the year 2009, when Pontiac was officially discontinued, it definitely hurt Pontiac enthusiasts. All these years later, it definitely pokes at us as we wonder what could have been. Just imagine some of your favorite models that have become extinct but could have been elevated upon and evolved to the point where they’re on par with the technology available in 2020. We definitely miss Pontiac and it’s a shame that we never got to see how they may have grown with the times.

However, just because there are no new examples of Pontiacs rolling off of the assembly line isn’t to say that they are gone and forgotten. Instead, what we do have are people who take these old school machines and apply them to the setting of their choosing. For some, this might mean a restoration or maybe some modest upgrades. For Tommy Youmans, though, it would mean taking an old-school GTO Judge and turning it into an absolute freak. When all was said and done, it would be the most powerful Pontiac to ever exist.

FuelTech spilled the beans on the machine as it made its way to their dyno room.

Via their description,

“Today, Tommy Youmans’ 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge is the king of the Poncho group when his twin-turbocharged combination laid down the highest recorded output for the brand. The GTO Judge unleashed 3,612 WHP on FuelTech USA’s in-house Mainline Hub Dyno.”

They tell us that the machine “Turned to Kauffman Racing Equipment for a suitable engine package. The team began with its MR-1 cast iron engine block, which features the standard Pontiac 4.650-inch bore spacing. The Warp-6 cylinder heads, also from Kauffman Racing Equipment, feature canted valves and are designed for extreme applications such as this one. A custom billet intake manifold tops the potent Pontiac while a pair of 98mm turbochargers provide nearly 50 psi of boost. Previously the engine produced 3,550 WHP at FuelTech USA and the recent 3,612 WHP picked up where they left off, as Youmans to gets ready for Pro 275 racing at South Georgia Motorsports Park and other Outlaw events.”

The car encompasses a variety of Fuel Tech products to keep that massive horsepower in line. They tell us “It all begins with the FuelTech FT600 engine management system. The FT600 engine management system comes with sequential injection and ignition, O2 closed loop, Data Logger, Delay Box, Boost Controller, Nitrous Controller, and much more. The ECU box doubles up as an LCD display and touchscreen showing real-time data and allowing the user to make adjustments without a PC connection. Each PowerFT ECU also includes data logging capabilities, making the FT600 and its sibling products a true all-in-one unit.”

Not only does the unit allow for on the fly adjustments in a hurry. It also allows for a variety of them, really giving the tuner the chance to get in touch with every last aspect of their car.

The car is also fitted with a variety of other FuelTech products like the PowerFT engine management system and the FTSPARK-8 Gen II ignition system.

Below, we check in with the machine as it makes its way to the FuelTech. As if the looks and sounds produced by this beast weren’t impressive enough, seeing it lay down that power number really puts it in a class all its own. Youmans says the goal is to become the quickest and fastest Pontiac-powered drag vehicle. It’ll be a tall order as the pass sits at a 3.92-second pass by a Pro Mod but it really looks like this machine is built to blow by records.

10 days of Duck are over and it looks like we have turned the corner on our problems lots of hard work now we can hopefully get back to going faster back in the 3s with a safe tune 3.97 @ 190

Posted by Tommy Youmans on Saturday, October 17, 2020

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